My Purpose and My Story

In the years preceding my second career as a fitness professional and nutritional health and wellness advocate, I was frustrated with all of the confusing health information. Web searches weren’t really a thing early on, and once it was, finding reliable sources to trust was challenging. I created this website for two reasons: 1) to merge health information and unveil the intersecting parts from various schools of thought–western medicine, eastern medicine, the fitness field, the nutrition field, and the like. My goal is to make it easy for my students and readers to discover the common denominators that persist in true health across the centuries. 2) This site will boil it down to a few simple truths and simple solutions in health that will clear away much of the confusion that has been caused by an ongoing dump of new and sometimes conflicting health information. We need clarity. We need solutions. Join me to discover the persisting cornerstones of wellness over time–for both cures and prevention. This site will lay out principles that most educated and self-educated health professionals, agree upon (whether they preach it or not) for conditions often feared to be irreversible.

My story…

I grew up as a physician’s kid where watching live surgeries on TV or picking up a medical journal to see kid-snickering pictures was just…normal. I have fond memories of dressing up in my “Little Tyke” nurse’s uniform and visiting my dad’s patients in the hospital while he checked on them. These visits must have been the start of my developing a love for people and a desire to help peoplefind wellness. I found myself experiencing deep compassion as they struggled with their physical illness and was so happy that he could make them well, and I could make them smile.  Between the two of us, we were a team that hopefully left them “Healthy and Smiling!”…my goal for this website, for what I do, and mainly, my hope for you.

Me, age 6, making rounds at the hospital with my daddy…where it all began!

I thought I was healthy at age 30. I wasn’t terribly overweight, tried to exercise, ate fruits and vegetables…sometimes, and didn’t have a disease. “I’m doing pretty well,” I thought. Any issue I had seemed fairly “normal” to me. I was a pregnant, tired mom of an active 2 year old boy doing my best to prepare decent meals for my family when a friend called me up to chat, “Hey! I’ve been thinking about you!” Somehow we ended up talking about antioxidants that day for over an hour! She had recently come across some medical studiesand proceeded to educate my science-hungry brain as I pelted her with questions: “What exactly is an antioxidant?” “Where are they found?” “Why do we need them?”

I was actually taking about five vitamins at that time meant to work together as an antioxidant. The new information she presented me was about plant-based nutrition as antioxidants. Of course! It made so much sense! The lab-made supplements couldn’t possibly absorb nor be as effective as natural plant sources intended for our consumption. When I went home, I picked up my my father’s medical journals to see what they were saying. I was surprised to see such a large number of articles about food as medicine for various conditions: broccoli, spinach, pineapple, etc. (nutrition isn’t taught in medical school, so it’s up to the doctor to self-educate).

The articles I read alarmed me because I knew we weren’t eating nearly enough: a few fruits? maybe one or two vegetables, sometimes over-cooked? on a GOOD day! We had also just gone through a very scary 4 years where I had skin cancer and several surgeries and several very close friends and family were struck with frightening health problems:  my mother developed kidney cancer, we had a couple of friends die of cancer, one friend died of Lou Gerig’s disease, other friends developed auto-immune disorders, an unruly number of friends were unable to get pregnant, several children we knew developed asthma, diabetes, and other problems formerly only heard of in adults! I was hopeful to learn that simple produce has the power to protect our cells from invasive toxins! (Anti-oxidants) This sent me on a journey to fully understand the new information with the intent to educate people I cared for and possibly help prevent some of these illnesses from striking!

I called up my father, a gastroenterologist, to ask his opinion and sent him the research my friend had sent me to review. He was so impressed that very soon after, my parents and my family embarked on a new health journey. We added simple steps to get a more produce in our diets including a well-studied and researched whole food plant-based concentrate and began studying ways to cut out the bad stuff and add in more of the good.

My digestive system improved for the first time ever, sinusitis went away, my mother’s arthritis in her thumbs improved, and all of us had fewer colds, meaning our immune systems were stronger. My father’s dad died at 40, but now my father is 78 and doing great. Now, over a decade later, I realize that I have found a new normal…the “normal” problems I had in my 20’s like migraines, sinus infections, constipation, bloating, and body aches are no longer a problem! I feel BETTER than I did in my twenties.

Join me to find the simple, uncomplicated path to feeling better!

Best wishes to you and your health!

Stacy Shannon,

Certified Health and Wellness Coach                                                                                  Certified Personal Trainer                                                                                                        Cancer Exercise Specialist

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